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varicondition cooling solutions

The cooling of your datacenter has a substantial impact on your energy bill. Reducing costs, however, can only be achieved by examining the overall costs of the datacenter. The figure below provides a clear and effective overview, which should assist you in choosing the most suitable cooling solution for a particular space in terms of costs.

The horizontal axis represents the volume of space available in m3, while the vertical axis represents the capacity in kW. The reason that we examine the volume of the space is related to air flow. After all, a large volume is required in order to ensure that the air flows efficiently, as it allows one to keep the airspeed low and air resistance therefore also. This saves a great deal of energy.

Given that servers are still air-cooled, the final stage in the cooling process is to cool the air according to the condition prescribed by the ASHRAE. We choose the most efficient means of completing this final stage on the basis of the volume of space available in a datacenter.

Minkels’ flexible cooling solutions offer the best possible solution in any circumstances. 

50,000 m² installed already
Varicondition Cold Corridor can be applied in any circumstances; both for high and low capacities and in large or small spaces. It is always worthwhile segregating the hot and cold airflows. Read more...



Cools to 24kW using water
Although Varicondition H2O is highly suitable for use in small spaces with a high capacity, it can also be applied for lower capacities in combination with a Varicondition Cold Corridor. Read more...



Cools to 24kW using air
Varicondition HD is most suitable for use in the middle segment, in cases where a raised floor and suspended ceiling are required. This solution enables the cooling of high capacities using air only. Read more...


The modular cooling solution for small server rooms
Varicondition-DX (Direct Expansion) is an easy-to-install and energy-efficient cooling solution for small server rooms. The product represents a good alternative to capital-intensive water cooling solutions which are not always technically and/or financially feasible for small server rooms. As a guideline, Varicondition-DX is suitable for cooling server rooms with volumes up to 65 m3. Read more...


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